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    In 1999, Honolulu Fire Department firefighters re-invented the surfing lesson in Hawaii. By utilizing our life-saving skills and professional approach, Hawaiian Fire Surf School quickly became the premier provider of safe surfing lessons here in the Islands.  Through the years, our work with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, various school organizations, a myriad of media outlets as well as the stoked visitor and local alike established our identity and brand as one that stands for Firefighter Integrity, Service and Trust. It was a great ride, but after 15 years teaching this wonderful sport, we passed the torch on to others. It's been a blast, but now...


    We’ve started a new adventure with our Hawaiian Firefighter inspired clothing and accessories and we approach it with the same passion in which we taught surfing.  As with our day job, we pride ourselves on servicing the customer. Sponsoring numerous athletic teams and organizations, while giving back a portion of our proceeds to the Honolulu Firefighter Foundation is all in a days work. Active and casual wear for those who love and admire the firefighter lifestyle is what we're about! Whether you're running, surfing, hiking or maybe just BBQing with the family, we've got the gear for you! 

     Hawaiian Fire…owned and operated by proud Firefighters.